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STOPFARRIGHT’s report “Resisting the Far Right: Civil Society Strategies for Countering the Far Right in Ireland”, authored by Barry Cannon, Richard King, Joseph Munnelly, and Riyad el-Moslemany is launched this November, hosted by the Far Right Observatory.

The STOPFARRIGHT project was a year-long research project beginning March 2021 by Crosscare Migrant Project in association with Maynooth University Sociology department. 

Inspired by a concern with the rise of the far right in Ireland, the project sought to engage with groups most affected by far right discourse and actions – such as migrants, ethnic and sexual minorities, feminists and anti-far right groups – on the best way they thought that they, the state, political parties and wider civil society, such as the media, could counter far right growth in our country. 

To this end, the project conducted an online survey with these groups, a series of interviews with some key personnel from within them, and a series of webinars with national and international experts on project themes.

Find a copy of the research report here