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Hope and Courage Collective (previously FRO) is a national civil society organisation that works with community groups, advocacy groups, trade unions, activists and academics to stop hate organising in our communities and workplaces. We support communities and civil society to stay grounded, caring and resilient in the face of far right hate, bigotry and extremism.






Support and Empower Communities





Grow Awareness of Far Right Activity




Hold Decision Makers and Companies to Account

The Far Right Observatory has provided invaluable support to communities who are targeted by far right actors in Ireland. This support, through direct engagement with asylum seekers in particular, has aided our efforts in ensuring the safety of vulnerable asylum seekers in Direct Provision centres that have been targeted by anti-migrant and racist groups.

Movement of Asylum Seekers Ireland (MASI)

In a situation where groups on the far right are gaining political power across Europe, it is important for all trade unionists and progressive forces in society to remain vigilant to the threat posed by these individuals and groups and that we do not allow them to gain a foothold in our communities. The FRO is a huge asset for all of us in this regard.

Trade union activist.

During Covid, attempts were made by a small number of far right activists to intimidate school principals and teachers in relation to the wearing of masks and the implementation of Covid safety measures. Luckily these attempts came to naught, due partly to the fact that FRO were able to make the links and keep people informed as to the real agenda being pursued by these groups.

School Principal, Dublin

Community Work Ireland has worked extensively with FRO over the past 18 months to support communities who stand for inclusion, respect for diversity and solidarity. We have worked together with communities to ensure that their voices and messages of equality and human rights are to the fore as they welcome those seeking refuge and safety. The analysis, support and expertise of FRO in this regard has been crucial to this work.

Community Work Ireland

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